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King of the Conferences

February 26th, 2019

part VI: Week Two Power Rankings

After just over a week of baseball, we are starting to see some movement in the Conference Power Rankings. The SEC (average team ranking of 28.1) is still top dog with #1 LSU leading the way, but the Big XII (average of 53.0) has passed up the Pac-12 (average of 56.0) for the second spot. The Big XII is boosted by a nice start to the year by Oklahoma which has moved up 23 spots since the preseason. The Pac-12 has also had a few teams move up, like undefeated Arizona State which is up 28 spots, but have been pulled down by the bottom of the conference; Washington State has dropped 66 spots since the preseason.

In fourth, the ACC (average team ranking of 71.1) has distanced itself somewhat from the fifth place American (average of 83.4), but the ACC, like the Pac-12, has seen the bottom of the conference sink even lower. Pittsburgh and Notre Dame have both dropped over 40 spots since the preseason. After the AAC, the conferences just out of the top five are the Big West (average of 99.9), Big Ten (108.7), Conference USA (114.1), and Sun Belt (121.1). The next few weeks of non-conference play will be very important as to determining which conference comes out on top.

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