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March 6th, 2019

part VII: Week Three Power Rankings

Week three brought the biggest shake ups in our Conference Power Rankings, but the SEC (average team ranking 30.9) is still on top. Missouri continues to sink in the rankings, but with 11 SEC teams in the top 28, the conference still has a large lead over the number two Pac-12 (average of 47.5). The Pac-12 boasts the top three teams in the Massey Rankings and saw its average ranking improve by 8.5 spots this week, which was enough to earn it the number two spot in this week's rankings. Falling down to number three, is the Big XII (average of 51.2).

In fourth, the ACC (average of 70.4), is still struggling with a major imbalance between the top and bottom of the conference. The ACC has eight top 50 teams and four teams outside the top 100. With conference play starting this week for the ACC, the conference is running out of opportunities to improve its standings. Moving into the top five for the first time this season is the Big West (average of 93.6). Improving their average team ranking by 6.3 spots, the Big West just snuck by the American for the fifth spot in Week Three's Conference Power Rankings.

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