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March 13th, 2019

part VIII: Week Four Power Rankings

Only four weeks into the season, and we're running out of superlatives to describe the #1 SEC (average team ranking of 27.5). The SEC's 11th best team, Texas A&M (15-4), would be third in the Big XII and would lead the Mountain West. With conference play starting for the SEC this weekend, it will be interesting to see how the SEC starts to shake out.

Back at #2, the Pac-12 (average of 48.1) sneaks by the Big XII (48.9) this week. A perfect start from Arizona State (15-0) has sent their Massey Composite Ranking all the way up to seven, and the Pac-12 now has four top ten teams in this metric. Just behind the Pac-12, the #3 Big XII is a conference full of potential Regional hosts. With seven top 50 teams, the Big XII will have a strong presence in the postseason, but upcoming conference play with separate the future one-seeds from the rest of the pack.

Standing pat at #4, the ACC (average of 68.6) has already started conference play. With some hiccups from the favorites in conference like Florida State (13-2, 2-1), Louisville (12-4, 2-1), and North Carolina (13-4, 0-3), the ACC is still looking for a team to solidify itself as a championship contender. North Carolina State (16-0, 3-0) has had one of the most impressive starts to the year, and their matchup with Florida State this weekend will be a big litmus test for the Wolfpack.

Entering the top five for the first time this season, the #5 Mountain West (average of 81.7) is the epitome of parity. All seven teams in the conference can contend with the best teams in the country. For example, Air Force (8-5, 2-2), currently last in the Mountain West in the Massey Composite Rankings, has a win over East Carolina (12-6). These teams will all be dangerous come the postseason.

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