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April 2nd, 2019

RPI: Week Seven

Once again the SEC is #1 in the Conference Power Rankings with an average team ranking of 26.2. Eleven SEC teams are in the top 50, and the worst team, #63 Kentucky, would be an average team in the Pac-12 or ACC. Moving up to #2 is the Big XII (average of 55.6). Bolstered by Texas Tech's strong RPI (#5) and a good middle of the pack, the Big XII is looking like one of the best conferences top-to-bottom. In third, the Pac-12 (average of 61.5) boasts five top 20 teams. Just behind the Pac-12, the ACC (average of 64.6) comes in fourth. The ACC would be second if not for Pitt. New to the top five this week, the American (average of 86.9) is once again looking to send 4+ teams to the NCAA Tournament.

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